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Main ways to get more people visit your Instagram Page

A business is normally faced with numerous questions on how it will utilize its promotion budget. Sometimes it may opt for outdoor promotion for example billboards and banners or it may opt to use the social media for example Instagram. Hawaii marketing company uses different strategies which are appropriate. However, the best approach will be the one that aligns to your business goals and suits your customer needs.

                 In today’s market arena, customers are continuously seeking information on the internet about a company’s products or services. They are using the social media space for example Instagram to get this information.

The following tips will bring more visitors to your Instagram page

  1. Promote your Instagram page:

              One of the best way is to incorporate Instagram on your internet page. You can do this by having an Instagram link on the homepage. You can also have a specific page for Instagram. Your Instagram followers will easily buy products that will feature on the pages. A page in your website with all the Instagram images will be useful especially to followers who rely on Instagram to shop for their favorite goods.

  1. Use of short URL in the comments:

              You will need a service known as Bitly that will help make short the URL for purposes of Instragram.As you share a post, include the URL in the comments so that your followers can see it and click. The advantage of this approach is that you can measure the number of engagements for example the clicks.

  1. Make sure your photos have prices:

            You can use a Canva or other Instagram selling applications. For Canva there is a provision of a template that allows to choose price. Start by uploading a photo, set the its cost, save and share it out on Instagram, Integrating the price  and the shortened URL have the potential of increasing traffic to your Instagram page.

            It’s also important since most customers like comparing prices and thus won’t take a lot of time seeking for information about price. They can also look through the comments for discounts, offers and other customer reviews. The overall effect is an increase in revenue for your business.

  1. Use of hashtags:

                Hashtags will definitely increase traffic from Instagram. Use hashtags that are relevant to your content. It will help increase number of Instagram followers who see your post. Traffic from Instagram to your website or your blog will increase.

           Use at least three hashtags and while selecting the perfect hashtag, start by researching for the one that has the potential to reach many people. New audiences are likely to discover by this approach. You can combine the short URL with the hashtag and you will start seeing an increase in traffic from your Instagram page.

  1. Use of Instagram stories:

           Stories are becoming popular ways through which Instagram followers are interacting with their friends and family. For your business, you can use this feature to share your day’s activities. Remember to include photos or short videos. While at it take the opportunity to mention about your website, other social media pages and blog in the stories.